Crouch End to Bologna – part 3

March 2009
Airports involve a lot of hanging about. I don’t leave myself a lot of time as I have checked-in online, but still I queue for the security and I wait for the flight to be given a gate and I wait while boarding is announced and then, because it is of no concern to me where on the aeroplane I sit and because this is a flight to Italy and therefore will have Italians on it and Italians are genetically programmed never to do anything without creating a drama and confusion and therefore the queue to board the aircraft gets held up for quite a considerable amount of time while those already on the plane sort out their seats, luggage and family arrangements, and because I have no need or intention of joining the queue until it is down to a few remaining people, I sit and wait, and wait. Admittedly I can do a little work on the laptop while all this is going on, but still there’s a lot of hanging around. Does anyone ever choose to travel by air?
I have chosen to travel by air, partly because I am a bit short of time on this trip, and more significantly because the cost to me will be about one twentieth of what it would be train, and about a fourtieth of what it would by car. But then as I’m travelling with no more than a laptop bag and could be very flexible about which airport I could to go to, I did get a particularly advantagous deal. Money, that’s all it is.
The plane landed at Bologna in mist and heavy rain. As it touched down, the Italians on the flight all applauded. Italians do tend to do this – they’re famous for it – though in this case, since I for one didn’t see the ground until we felt the wheels rumble along it, I had some sympathy with their enthusiasm. But being so obviously British I didn’t quite bring myself to join in.


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