Mr Hat Filter’s Travel Service

A Serendipitous Photo, Warnemünde, July 2010
We were at Warnemünde, strolling towards the beach, when a tourist coach pulled up marked Hutfilters Reisedienst, Mr Hat Filter’s Travel Service.
Mr Hat Filter’s Travel Service is based in Delmenhorst, (note the DEL registration plate) which is to the south-west of Bremen. Note the HH on the wing mirror, (for Hinrich Hutfilter, or it might be Horst Hutfilter as he’s now the managing director), and the personalised HH on the reg plate. The old folks in fawn slacks and white handkerchief hats are helped down from the coach. Each will have a story to tell, though we were too shy to ask what it is.
Hutfilters Reisedienst arrives.
Where are the old folks in fawn and grey slacks off to?
Hutfilters Reisedienst’s website is a hilarious German gem. I love the page: Über uns, with Frau Schneider on reception and ‘processing’, Frau Buss (what else) as the tourist traffic shopkeeper (whatever that is), and Frau Finke the bookkeeper. I have taken a snapshot of this page for posterity, remembering that it was snapshotted in August 2010.
Your bus specialist in Delmenhorst.
We are there for you.
Frau Schneider and Frau Buss.
Frau Finke.


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